Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Best Teen Reads of 2014

According to the reviewers from Voice Of Youth Advocates, here are a few titles of the best books for teens in  2014. Find a complete list of the best books for teens in our catalog.

Why are these books so great? The answer can be found here.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Word Games

Word-gamers unite!  Yes, I am a word nerd, and you might be too if you've played (and by played, I mean you've been obsessed with winning) Words With Friends, Lexulous, and the ever-faithful, but slightly cumbersome, Scrabble.
Haven't there have been times when nothing in your hand will spell anything you can place on the board? At this point in the game, the only thing that will save you from losing is an abundance of two letter word options. What happens when if, be, am, an, and so just aren't enough? You turn to the delightfully funny and cleverly illustrated 101 Two-Letter Words by Stephin Merritt, illustrated by Roz Chast.

This book offers more than your average two-letter words like my, on, in and up. It's there for you when you're staring and nothing but X, K, and a whole mess of vowels. Take for example the word Aa. Yes, it is a word! Use it and when opponents question you, you can say, "What do you mean? It's obviously the jaggedy kind of lava."
Have T in your hand and nowhere to play it but a U? Put that T on the board and sing, Oui, oui. Ut, re, mi as the French say.
So many more wonderful two letter words, I could Mm.



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