Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Novel Searches

Did you know you can now use Facebook to surf the web, or to find the favorite books, restaurants, musicians, whatever of the people who live in your area or socialize in your circle? Or live in any area and socialize in any circle, for that matter. It;s true, Facebook is putting the information it collects about its users (we'll talk about privacy later) to good use and making it easy for you find out more about your world. Click here to try it out.

Emily Papagni of Multnomah County Library has written a fabulous post about different types of search options, including Facebook's. Click through to read more, like how there's a Russian search engine that's growing in popularity. It searches for not only the information you need but it's algorithm makes some eerily accurate guesses about the problem you may be trying to solve through your search and makes appropriate suggestions. There's also a search engine that lets you weed out the most commercial, search optimized results to see the fascinating web sites that may be buried under the top results. I tried the same search using each one of the engines Emily describes and Google and was fascinated with the differences.

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