Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scrap-Cracklings #8


Did you know there is a giant patch of garbage practically in our own backyard? Garbage made by humans and mostly for a one time consumption. One time!?! And when I say giant, I'm talking TWICE the size of Texas!
It's called the Pacific Northwest Garbage Gyre.

Since moving to Mars isn't an option yet, let's take care of planet Earth!
Today is the day before Earth Day. But really, every day should be Earth Day. What better way to celebrate the earth every day than to make a pledge to create less garbage. Not just recycle, but opt out of making it in the first place. You might be saying, "How do I do that? Everything comes wrapped in plastic!" Well, Bea Johnson at Zero Waste Home found lots of ways to refuse packaging and buy products with low-impact on the planet and you can too!
Think about it this way.What would you rather paddle through? This:
Or this?

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