Monday, March 4, 2013


Welcome to the first entry of Scrap-Cracklings!
(Listen. A big crowd is now cheering and clapping and they might even be doing the “wave.”)
You might be asking the computer screen, “Why such a kooky name, Teen Blog?”
Well, describes scrap [skrap] as a tiny bit of something; and cracklings [ krak-lings] as a series of small sharp cracks or reports.
Both words have been used regarding the rendering of fat, so you might also say that
Scrap-Cracklings is what makes the Teen Blog so delicious.
Really it’s just a fun way to say that in the coming months, look to the Teen Blog for bits of stuff make, do, or ponder.

Still need convincing as to why you need Scrap-Cracklings?

·         Saying it five times fast will amaze your friends!
·         It’s going to be the next big thing, like peanut butter flavored gummy bears or
       the four handled pogo stick.
·         Viewing the Scrap-Cracklings might shock your parents
        (probably not—but you never know, it could).
·         Using the name to replace your favorite swear word will render your teachers speechless
·         It’s so cool, people don’t even know about it yet.

I could go on, but I won’t.
Stay tuned for the next, Scrap-Cracklings!

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