Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Poems. Sort of. Not Really.

Hey, happy Valentines week! Teen Library Council wrote some love-ish poems incorporating random words at our last meeting. I'm going to post a couple of these every day this week concluding on Valentines Day. Here are your first poetic gems:

I love you so gushingly
yes I do.
The sad part of my gushing love
is when I talk to you I
get frog breath

Wedding Day

The light shone brightly, it
was as if there was a spotlight on me,
I felt like a true princess, all
dressed and ready for a huge
ball, my ball, my wedding day, suddenly,
it hit me, I was getting married, marriage,
was I ready? Well there was no turning
-Grace McVicker

My love, my love,
Every day lived for you.
Your touch, callused as a bus driver's rump;
I live for that touch.
Your hair, soft as old hay;
I live for that hay.
Your lips, delivering kisses sweet as cheese puffs;
I live for those lips.

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