Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love-ish Poems- Haiku Edition

And, sadly, the final day of our strange, sweet poetry, courtesy of Teen Library Council, has arrived. But wait, that means it's Valentine's Day! Don't forget to join us at the library tomorrow, 4:30-5:30 in the Burgess Community Room, for the Chocolate Masquerade. There will be chocolate tasting, mask making, and a food-themed movie.

When you caress me,
your remind me of a sheep
Sooo I don't like you
Here is my haiku
the two words that I picked are;
radical/ chocolate
-Eliana Graul
I blush and smile
he raises his eyebrows then
kisses me gently

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love-ish Poems- Melanin Edition

And our week of lovably strange literary gems, courtesy of Teen Library Council, continues:

I wish a were tan,
At least a nan-
ometer, much like that man
Jackie Chan.
I love you, my honey boo.
You remind me of all the happy things
like diamond rings and kissing
in the spring.
I like your face.
It reminds me of chocolate.
-Pooja Ananda

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love-ish Poems- Cuddly Edition

And the week of lovingly strange poetry continues, courtesy of Teen Library Council:

Cuddles, Cats, & Books
I like to cuddle.
I cuddle with my cat &
read books about cats.
-Becky Gauthier
Cuddles the Turtles
There was once a turtle named cuddles
He rode on planes and shuttles.
But once he got caught
riding a yacht
and cuddles the turtle owed doubles.
-Mercy McVicker

Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Poems. Sort of. Not Really.

Hey, happy Valentines week! Teen Library Council wrote some love-ish poems incorporating random words at our last meeting. I'm going to post a couple of these every day this week concluding on Valentines Day. Here are your first poetic gems:

I love you so gushingly
yes I do.
The sad part of my gushing love
is when I talk to you I
get frog breath

Wedding Day

The light shone brightly, it
was as if there was a spotlight on me,
I felt like a true princess, all
dressed and ready for a huge
ball, my ball, my wedding day, suddenly,
it hit me, I was getting married, marriage,
was I ready? Well there was no turning
-Grace McVicker

My love, my love,
Every day lived for you.
Your touch, callused as a bus driver's rump;
I live for that touch.
Your hair, soft as old hay;
I live for that hay.
Your lips, delivering kisses sweet as cheese puffs;
I live for those lips.



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