Monday, October 22, 2012

Future 50 Contest Results

Alas, another Teen Read Week has come and gone, but fret not, 'tis time to declare the winner and runners-up of the Future 50 Writing Contest!

For this contest, I asked you to submit stories depicting your vision of the future in 50 words or less (including the title.) I got lots of incredible submissions, and though the competition was tough, the ones below really stood out:

Winner: Lynn Tran


You wake up in the morning and open the door for your dog. You stare at the cute android neighbor, who always awkwardly smiles every time he catches you staring at him. You are in the year 3000, where you can stare at hot androids. This is the life.

(Yes, I know these are both really 51 words. The authors intended them to be 50, and because of typos their word processing programs read them as such. So, I'm including the typos.)

Emily Tran


"Let's party!" Miranda yells, like she does everyday. She catches me staring and says "Lighten up!"

But I can't. She doesn't know that tonight. alongside everybody else, her memories of tonight will be erased, her brain preprogrammed to the same schedule as today's. A new day does not exist.

Kimberly Vreugdenhil

Zada spotted a clump of grass and sprinted towards it across the nuclear wasteland that she called home. She fought off the others who wanted to claim it for their families, but the blades were hers. The war had killed off all other living things-except her alien race, the Siviv.

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