Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy One Hit Wonder Day!

I don't know how he feels about it, but Vanilla Ice appears to be the poster boy for National One-Hit Wonder Day, which is today! Look at that guy. Look at him! I lived through the 90's, people. Respect.  (I'll not ask you to watch the video for his "Ice Ice Baby," but you may enjoy Jim Carey's classic "White White Baby.")

So what qualifies as a one-hit wonder? Huffington Post has compiled some arguments, but I would say a one-hit wonder is that song that, for a time, is always on on every radio station at playing at every shop, every restaurant (Gotye, anybody?) and then just sort of keeps hanging around years after the name of the artist has become a trivia question that nobody can answer. (You can bet one-hit wonders will be a category on Jeopardy tonight.) From Aha's "Take on Me" (the best karaoke song there is) to Los Del Rio's "Macarena" (the reason I don't go to weddings), there's a vast spectrum of songs whose artists now occasionally appear on episodes of Where Are They Now.

Anyway, my personal favorite (though it may not qualify as there was a sort of popular single right after and the band might have gone on to create even more hits had Shannon Hoon, the lead singer, not died when he was far, far too young) is Blind Melon's "No Rain."

Share your favorite in the comments? Pretty please?

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