Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pop Media Mash Day

Hi there! It's been a while. The Summer reading Program has kept us all extraordinarily busy. Some highlights so far: The Voldemort band-aid mural and the ice cream coup at the Harry Potter Double Feature, surpassing last year's registration numbers, and watching as y'all play that game in the YA room, the one with the bad animations of people getting horribly slaughtered while trying to reach their goals. That game is awesome.

Anyway, if the summer of 2012 was to have a soundtrack, tracks 1-3 would be various celebrities ironically reading sections of Fifty Shades of Grey and tracks 4-12 would be that Gotye song. You know the one. You hear it everywhere, but in spite of that saturation it's still catchy, even though you kind of want to strangle someone whenever it comes on. Linda Holmes over at NPR's Monkey See blog has written a brilliant and entertaining piece of cultural criticism about that song and its parodies, and the whole phenomenon of secretly digging something you're ashamed to like. I'll admit that, like the fine fellows in the video below, when The Song comes on I roll my eyes, my finger hoovers over the radio dial (yes, I still listen to the radio) for a full minute, and then I belt out the one lyric I know ("You didn't have to cut me off.") and follow it up with random sounds that approximate the rest of the lyrics. I find repeating "numa, numa" works fairly well.

There's a giant taboo attached to being into something that the whole world is also into. We're all supposed to expressed our individualism by knowing everything about stuff nobody else knows and caring little for whatever the masses are drawn too. However, we all unfailingly flock to the same trends, whether musical, couture or literary. So, this summer I challenge us all to like whatever you like, be it cool or otherwise, and to share in the comments something you're into in spite of yourself. I'll start: I really like that Seal song, Kissed by a Rose. That song was everywhere in the mid-90s. And still, every time I heard it, I wanted to get on my knees in my flannels and combat boots and belt it out while dramatically reaching for the heavens. Unfortunately I was almost always on the bus when it popped up on the radio. So, don't be ashamed. Sing along no matter where you are, loudly declare that you still love Twilight and proudly wear your Uggs with shorts in 80 degree heat. We'll all admire your honesty!

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