Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mash Day: What was that book again?

If you go to Middle School in Tigard, you will probably be seeing me or Lisa in the next week. Perhaps you've already seen us. We'll be talking up Summer Reading. (Sign-ups are happening now!) We will also be talking about books. It's not always easy to remember every single book we mentioned, so I am going to post some of those books again, here, to jog your memory.
Consider this the lightning round:

Wonder- Auggie's got a strange looking face. According to Auggie, whatever you're imagining his face looks like, it's probably worse. Besides his face, Auggie's a pretty ordinary kid, extraordinary, in fact. But you'd have to get to know him to find out.

Dead End in Norvelt- Jack's been grounded for shooting off an antique rifle, and also for plowing up his mom's corn patch. Now he's an obituary writer-in-training for an old lady who cooks her hands in pots of molten wax. Throw in some girl scout cookies, rat poision, and a meddlesome old guy who rides around town on a gigantic tricycle, and you've got a winner. Seriously.

Cold Cereal- GoodCo says their cereal's got a little bit of magic in every box. But what kind of magic, exactly? Scott Doe, the new kid, saw a man with a rabbit head on he way to his first day at school. Now he's got a leprechaun riding around in his backpack. A leprechaun who's being hunted. His super-smart classmates Erno and Emily Utz were ambushed on their birthday by people in white coats, ready to take them back to the GoodCo lab. It's up to this team of kids to escape the villainous cereal employees and stop GoodCo from taking over the world.

Okay for Now- Things are not so terrific for Doug Sweiteck. He's living in a dump. His older brother is a thug. And his dad is most definitely a chump. But maybe things will be okay- He's got a job delivering groceries, a girl who is almost kind-of his friend, and a newfound drawing talent. Things could be good if his family would stop ruining everything. Need lessons in how to drink a really cold coke? Read and find out.

Cinder- I know I just wrote about this book a few weeks ago. Here's the much abbreviated version: Cinder's a cyborg, Prince Kai is handsome, there's a deadly plague ravaging the Earth, and the Lunar Queen is about the attack unless she gets what she wants. Cinderella, the re-mix.

Scorpio Races- Yes, I have also written about this INCREDIBLE book in the past. to refresh your memory: Every fall huge, strong, bloodthirsty horses emerge from the sea around the misty isle of Thisby. Those crafty enough, like Sean Kendrick, capture and train the horses for the annual Scorpio Races. Those less fortunately get eaten, or dragged under the waves. Puck's putting everything she's got left on the line- This year she's going to race- on her own horse, who is little more than a pony.

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