Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mash Day- Summer Lovin'

The days are getting warmer- time for the dating drama to heat up.
Here are several beachy summer reads that indulge many aspects of the ups and downs of romance.

The Big Crunch- June never stays in one town long enough to make real friends. Wes just broke up with his long time girlfriend. But no matter how much they both attempt to avoid it, they both find themselves drawn to each other. Over the course of a year, Wes and June explore the spectrum of their relationship, with an ever-uncertain future as the only sure thing.

Why We Broke Up- There's a box on Ed's doorstep, and inside is a collection of items from Ed and Min's failed relationship. In case you are wondering what the meaning of any of those items are: egg cubers, for instance, or a wrinkled dish towel, Min's going to tell you. Well, she's going to tell Ed. In an epically long letter, Min describes the meaning of each item, following each turn in the course of their unlikely relationship. Ed's the star basketball player, and Min, well, she's "different." Definitely not sporty, not exactly arty, just different. The charm of this book lies in the pairing of the writing with gorgeous full color paintings by Maira Kalman, who can really make an egg cuber stand out in a crowd. What's an egg cuber, you ask? There's only one way to find out.

The Difference Between You and Me- Jesse wears fisherman's boots to school every day, and cuts her hair with a swiss Army knife. She believes in Full Human Rights for all Weirdos, Freaks, and Queers, and she's posting manifestos all over campus that say so. Emily doesn't believe in labels. She is also very busy getting corporate sponsorship for the fall formal, being the vice president of student council, and going out with her boyfriend Michael. But somehow Emily finds the time to passionately make out with Jesse every week in a locked room at the local library. As you can imagine, something's going to have to give. What will it be?

The Disenchantments- Colby's got it bad for his best friend Beth, and when he finds out that she's broken their post-graduation plans to travel in Europe together, he's got a lot of re-thinking to do. Unfortunately, Colby's got to do all his introspection in the confines of a VW bus while he tours with Beth and her mediocre-but-cute girl band up the West Coast.

Getting Over Garrett Delaney- Sadie's really got to get over her best friend Garrett, and she's very, very determined. She's got a busy summer job at a coffee shop to distract her, and some new friends with plenty of advice on the topic. It's just so hard to let go of such a monumental crush, but slowly and surely, Sadie begins to remember who she is on her own.

Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight- Hadley and Oliver have a classic falling-in-love-on-an-airplane thing, then lose each other at the airport after they de-plane. How romantic! I haven't read it yet, but if you read it, will you tell me if you like it?

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