Thursday, June 14, 2012


Top row, left to right: Becky, Pooja, Michelle, Elizabeth, Shamsa, Jayteonna, Eliana
Bottom row, left to right: Mimi, Grace M., Grace N., Sarah, Mercy, Sean

A couple of weeks ago, Teen Library Council celebrated the conclusion of another great year, and the imminent graduation of six members. All of those graduates have been essential to the council and to the library, and some of them have been members since they were itty bitty 6th graders.

We reminisced for a couple of hours, looked at pictures both old and knew, watched a couple of premier videos (like the one below), and ate toxic amounts of sugar.

I've been a teen librarian here for four and a half years, and I've seen a lot of teens cycle through the library. I've seen elementary students finally graduate into 6th grade and fulfill their wish to do teen stuff. I've seen folks who are really active for a while vanish when they achieve the impossible and somehow find something more fun to do. I've seen lots of you grow many inches, get jobs, start college and/or move away. I'm excited for summer reading events to begin, so that I can see those of you who only have time to hang out at the library during the summer months. And then there are those of you who have been around since before my time, and are now going off to start your adult lives. You know who you are. We'll miss you. We're proud of you. Keep in touch, and don't forget to be awesome.

Teen Library Council and the Chubby Bunny from Tigard Library on Vimeo.

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