Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mash Day: Die Laughing.

Back in December Lisa put up a display in the YA room that was all about Perfect Pairs: books that go well together.
I have recently discovered the ultimate perfect pair. These books are so well matched, they could go and get married, or whatever. Here's why:
They are both drop dead hilarious.
In Croak, Lex's wildly antisocial behavior gets her sent to live for the summer with her uncle, who lives in a tiny town at the edge of nowhere. Upon arrival, Lex discovers that instead of milking cows, she will be part of a team that releases and culls the souls of dead people. Yes, she is a grim reaper in training. While her new line of work is a bit much to stomach, Lex realizes that, for the first time in her life, she is making friends and having fun. But all is not well in Death-land. Almost as soon as Lex arrives on the scene, a string of unexplainable deaths begin to occur. Can Lex and her band of snarky teenage reapers solve this mystery...?

Sam's another deadbeat youth who suddenly discovers he has hidden talents. After some rough-em-up action (and some conversations with the head of his previously alive, now beheaded perky co-worker) Sam has no choice but to accept the fact that his true career path lies in Necromancy. Throw in some werewolves, fighting lawn statues, and lots of witty references to classic rock songs, and you've got a winner! Hold Me Closer Necromancer.
Perhaps you, too, can see the eeriness in the similarity of these books. Perhaps you may be interested in reading them. So happy reaping, I mean, reading! And watch your back.

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