Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mash Day: Looking for a role model?

I was going through a stack of books the other day that had not been checked out in a long time, and I found this charming little gem of a book; Women Warriors. It's got bite sized stories about "history's greatest female fighters," including obvious selections like Joan of Arc and funny ones like the Powerpuff Girls and Buffy (the vampire slayer). The book also features women you wish you already knew about, like Tomoe Gozen, female samurai, and Lozen, Apache warrior. If you're looking for a new hero, here is your one stop shop. Do your part. Check it out!

But perhaps women warriors aren't your thing. If you're looking for present day role model, one who is confident, ambitious, and unafraid to be himself, look no further than Carlos Duarte, the hero of the Stonewall Award winning Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy. Carlos has unstoppable dreams of becoming a famous makeup artist, and there's no time like the present to make dreams come true. Jealous bosses, unrequited crushes, and family emergencies are just small hurtles on the road to fame and fortune. Beyond fabulous!

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