Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mash Day - Flesh Eating Horses from the Sea

Happy Mash Day, everybody!
Today we will be mashing up books about mythical killer horses that leap from the sea, are slightly tamed by islanders, then ridden annually in a dangerous, blood-soaked beach race.
Okay, there's only one book I know of that fits this description, but it's SO GOOD it deserves its own shining spotlight.
Scorpio Races (by Maggie Stiefvater- heard of Shiver?) takes place on a misty island where everyone knows everybody else. Puck and her brothers are struggling to survive after their parents are snatched up from their fishing boat by the water horses. Meanwhile, Sean Kendrick is the head trainer for the island's richest man, and he knows more about the horses than his employer or his jealous son.
It is the end of October, and the horses have begun leaping from the surf, hungry for meat. It is time to begin training for the Scorpio races.
In a desperate attempt to save her family, Puck decides that she will run in the races, a bold decision. She will be the first girl ever to do so, and also the first to try racing on a land horse. Sean has won the races four years running.
There are a few winners in the Scorpio races, and there are many casualities. Riders could just as easily be killed as cross the finish line.
This book transcends categorization. It is beautiful and scary. It's got action and dead bodies. And it has characters you might find yourself caring a lot about.
Don't you want to know who wins the Scorpio races? I suggest you find out.

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