Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Monster Mash Up

Welcome to Mash Day #2, where I will be mixing up some materials & suggesting a few things that I think have some vague connections and attaching threads. First, I would like to introduce myself; I am Amber, making my debut here in the Teen Blog. Our first ingredient today is monsters. A huge handful of monsters.

Lisa mentioned A Monster Calls last week, so I will say little more. But the monster who calls happens to be terribly ancient and usually rooted, a walking yew tree with stories to tell that have no heroes or happy endings. If you don’t mind a dark, heavy tale, you should definitely read A Monster Calls.

The Monstrumologist books by Rick Yancey are completely, totally, disgustingly full of oozey, dripping, flesh eating monsters and the scientists that love to hunt them. So if that’s your game, have at ‘em. Just don’t eat your lunch while you are reading.

If you can make it to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, you will find many odd things, including a levitating girl and a boy who is a living beehive. What you will not find are monsters with vacant eyes or slashing teeth. But it will be challenging to get to Miss Peregrine’s, because it has carefully been hidden away in a pocket of time in order to protect those children from the aforementioned monsters.
One interesting feature of Miss Peregrine’s is that the book is sprinkled with odd and eerie photographs. Clearly, the author was inspired by the collection of images. If you are looking for photographic inspiration, here is one of my favorites:

The New Earth From Above: 365 Days is a weighty volume of aerial photography. Documented are things like: a mountain of refrigerators, a bright green golf course plunked down in the middle of a desert, and a giant hand sculpture rising from a sandy beach. The world is a weird place.

And back to the fictional world, Flash Burnout stars an edge-y photographer who is inspired by the grit of downtown Portland. He’s got a girlfriend, he’s got a best friend (who’s a girl), and he’s got a problem making it all work out. Isn’t that just how it is sometimes?

So remember: Take a picture, it lasts longer, and happy reading.

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