Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What next?

Listening to the radio on the way to work this morning, it occurred to me that there is no better Death Eater anthems than Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole." (Click the link to a music video that demonstrates that instruments covered in debris can still sound good and there is nothing more fun than whipping water around with your dreadlocks.)

Now, for the uninitiated (are there any of you out there, still?), the Death Eaters are followers of the dark side in the Harry Potter universe. Where Harry and his cronies embody all that is good and loyal and human, the Death Eaters are cruel, cowardly and smelly, though often fashionably clad in leather corsets.

As you all know, the newest film release is the last we are likely to see of Harry's world, with the exception of Pottermore of course, whatever that may be. I didn't start reading about Harry until I was in college, when The Sorcerer's Stone was assigned in a class. And I read along with the rest of the world as the books became more popular and JK Rowling became richer than the queen. I left the theater this weekend and noticed people openly weeping, and I assumed they grieved not only over events in the film but for the end of an era. (OK, I might have been crying too, but don't tell anybody.) However, I'm comforted that we will never see the end of these books. I'm confident people will be reading them in life-support pods as they zoom towards colonies in far-reaching branches of the galaxy.

So, lets all support each other as we transition into a world without Potter newness, a world of re-reading and re-watching. Please share your thoughts in the comments about how HP has impacted you and what you think will come next. Also, lets get to work on an awesome playlist. What songs do you think embody the themes and people of the Potter universe?


Anna, Youth Services Librarian said...

It seems like you can have a Harry Potter conversation with anyone of any age. I like that.

I think Hermoine's the real hero. I always wondered about her parents and how strong she was to separate her Magic/Muggle worlds. Her anthem would be Tori Amos' Winter.

Lisa, Young Adult Librarian said...

Oo, nice pick, Anna!



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