Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Martial Arts of Brazil

Next week we're doing something we've never done at the library before: We've invited a Capoeira instructor and his students to demonstrate and workshop their art at the library! On Thursday, August 4 from 3-4:30, Contra Mestre Pedro Cruz of Capoeira Raca will share this incredibly vibrant and musical martial art/dance style with all of you. Teens will be able to participate, and folks of all ages are welcome to watch the demonstration. Don't forget to dress in comfortable clothes (pants, preferably), because you will be up and moving! Check out this video to see what Capoeira is like. The first time I saw this art (and every time since), I was left with a feeling of happiness. The rhythm, the music, the dancey feeling of collaboration, and just the amazing ways human bodies can bend. This is not to be missed!

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