Friday, March 18, 2011

Please Ignore Vera Dietz

Vera Dietz was best friends with her neighbor Charlie most of her life. She kept all his secrets, and he had some really big secrets. Then suddenly, during their Junior year, Charlie started to change. His hair, the way he dressed and the people he hung out with were different, as well as the way he treated Vera. He ignored her, when he wasn't being downright mean to her, and he started doing what she never imagined he would do: telling her secrets, and to all the worse people. After tearing their friendship down completely, destroying Vera's trust in him, Charlie did the worse thing yet: he died. He died in a cloud of controversy that made the whole town hate him. But Vera knows the truth. The question is, can she get over her grief and resentment enough to redeem him? Charlie hurt her more deeply than she knew was possible. Does he even deserve redemption?

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