Monday, February 28, 2011

Guerilla Art Kit

Hello all ye artists! You can start your own artistic revolution, even without being really arty or revolutionary. The Guerilla Art Kit is packed with advice and suggestions for quick art projects that you can make to beautify the world and make people think. For example, if you live near an ugly industrial park or pit, you can create seed bombs to green up the landscape. Or, try creating your own biodegradable stickers to modify signs around town. Give a flier a mustache! It's all good natured and mostly legal.

Friday, February 25, 2011

You Choose

Oregon's got a new award...the Oregon Reader's Choice Award, or ORCA for short, and you can vote for the winner. Just read at least two of the books in your grade group and you can vote on your favorite. Check out the full list here. We'll have a voting area set up in the Children's Room March 1-15 to submit your choice. There are a lot of good ones to choose from!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ready for College?

If you're getting ready for college, don't forget that the library offers free online study guides and practice tests through Learning Express. Just use your library card and you can get started! We've also got a great selection of book guides to the tests, colleges and universities and the application process. Just stop by the Teen or Adult Reference Desks and we'll help you find what you need.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blinged out Bookcart

Come by the YA Room today to check out the gorgeousness and gorgeosity that is this teen-decorated bookcart!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Scratched and get published!

I just learned that a teen whose artwork and writing has been known to grace the pages of our teen zine and has since abandoned us for college just had an illustration published in an online University of Oregon journal. Way to go Julia! Check out her work here. That definitely looks just like Brad Pitt, right?

The new edition of Scratched, the Tigard Library zine created by teens, for the world is here. Stop by the Young Adult Room to pick up your copy today!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paranormal Can Be a Good Thing

Evie has worked for the agency since she was eight. Her ability to see through the glamours of paranormals has made her an international asset to the cause of neutralizing harmful others. Now she's a teenager and tired of her isolated and regimented life.

Things begin to change after a break in to the agency and reports that something is killing off large numbers of paranormals. Add to that a prophecy, a cute and mysterious shapeshifter and a creepy faerie and things get even more interesting. Great dialogue and action make Paranormalcy by Kiersten White a fun fantasy to read.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Take that, Chuck Norris.

Sci Fi author Jim C. Hines has compiled a list of 20 indisputable facts about Neil Gaiman (see below.) Intrigued? Then stop by the Children's Reference Desk and pick up your free copy of The Graveyard Book when you register for BookTRON. You will learn that Gaiman is, indeed, who the Ghostbusters call.

20 Neil Gaiman Facts

  1. Neil Gaiman once wrote a Nebula-winning story using only the middle row of his keyboard.
  2. Harper Collins has taken out a 2.5 million dollar insurance policy on Neil Gaiman’s accent.
  3. If you write 1000 words and Neil Gaiman writes 1000 words, Neil Gaiman has written more than you.
  4. Neil Gaiman does not use Microsoft’s grammar-check. Microsoft uses a Gaiman-check.
  5. Neil Gaiman once did the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen. In fifteen minutes. He won two Hugo awards for it.
  6. Neil Gaiman is who the Ghostbusters call.
  7. Most agents charge a 15% commission. Neil Gaiman’s agent pays him an extra 15% for the privilege of saying “I’m Neil Gaiman’s agent.”
  8. William Shakespeare once came back from the dead to ask for Neil Gaiman’s autograph.
  9. Neil Gaiman is the reason nobody teaches “I before E except after C” anymore.
  10. Some writers take inspiration from the muse. The muse takes inspiration from Neil Gaiman.
  11. Neil Gaiman once groped Harlan Ellison.
  12. The pen is mightier than the sword; Neil Gaiman has mastered fourteen different styles of penmanship.
  13. Rumor has it that a NY editor rejected Neil Gaiman’s first book. This can not be confirmed, as the editor in question was never heard from again.
  14. Neil Gaiman can tweet 175 characters.
  15. Neil Gaiman’s personal library includes an autographed copy of the Necronomicon.
  16. Hitler actually won World War II. Then Neil Gaiman wrote an alternate-history story in which the allies won, and reality was too intimidated to argue the point.
  17. Some authors write in omniscient point of view. Neil Gaiman lives it.
  18. Neil Gaiman’s next novel is expected to win the Nebula, the Hugo, and the Heisman Trophy.
  19. In any given week, 7 of the top 10 books on the NYT Bestseller List are by pseudonyms of Neil Gaiman.
  20. Neil Gaiman has never written a deus ex machina ending. However, God once wrote a Gaiman ex machina ending.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got Fines?

Overdue fines...almost everybody has them at some time! Help your Tigard neighbors in need and reduce your library fines at the same time with our Food for Fines Drive, Sun. Feb. 6 thrugh Sat. Feb. 12. Every two food items donated will equal $1 in overdue fines. All the food collected will be donated to the Tigard St. Vincent DePaul food pantry. Check our website for a full list of acceptable donations.



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