Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Awesome, the Ugly, the meh: 2010 in Review

Well, another year has ended, another decade has begun, and it's time to reflect back on the last 365 days and pick out my favorites and my not-so-much. There are many such lists appearing on the Interwebs these days, so I want you all to know that this one is the most important and authoritative. This is best list of all the lists. It is at the very top of the list of lists. There's really no point in looking at any other list. Ever. But if you'd like to, you might want to start with this blog-o-lists:

1) Best literary trend: Unicorns! And not necessarily the rainbow-tailed variety with healing powers and vampire-like sparkling abilities. I'm talking hard core, sweaty, smelly, man-eating unicorns, like those in Rampant. Zombies may have been all the rage last year, but I have to say, in the eternal debate of Zombies vs. Unicorns, I'm rooting for unicorns all the way. Next stop: Mermaids!

2) Best of the library in the 21st century: TPL joins Facebook. Have you heard of this? It's like this website, right, and you can join and tell it all this stuff about yourself. Then you get your own page with, like, pictures, and games you can play. And you can find all your friends, even people you haven't seen in years, and you all take part in these great conversations about, like, what you're planning to make for dinner, and how awesome Betty White is. Anyway, it's really cool. You should try it out, and then become our fan.

3) Best in gaming: We spent the year gaming our brains out for the Minds at Play series. Some of my favorite gaming events included racing across the electronic Oregon Trail, and medieval Blind Man's Bluff, but nothing beats the new Xbox Kinect games. This thing is crazy cool. Come to a Game Fest to try it out.

4) Best in new vocabulary: I enjoy the terms "Internets," Interwebs" and "Made of Awesome" so much, that I use them way too often. In a few months, when these words are as uncool as "bling" you can blame me. I also enjoy all the unnecessary yet delightful pluralizing, as in "sads" and "hells yes." Thank you Diablo Cody and lol cats.

5) Worst in new vocabulary: The items I just mentioned in number four on my list probably already suck. It happens that fast.

6) Best on the Internets (nope, still rules): The It Gets Better Project and literal videos like this one. I also enjoyed watching kids react to viral videos.

7) Best library moment: Again, too many to pick just one. Coaching librarian body language for the filming of Teen Library Council's soon-to-be-released video was great fun, as was the incredible feat of getting 20 teens onto one chair (see the picture on your right). And while it's always sad to see you fabulous teen people go away, seeing several of you off to college and one to Japan was so exciting. Also, the guy who made the fleece Katy Perry at the needle felting workshop is my hero. Wherever you are, guy, I salute you.

8) Best movies: Well, True Grit barely qualifies as it was released at the end of the year, but it was truly gritty and quite good. Also, just the hallway zero-g fight sequence in Inception with the dreamy Joseph Gordan-Levitt deserves every award, including an Oscar, Grammy, VMA, Pulitzer, and Nobel prize.

9) Most meh movies: OK, maybe it wasn't a terrible movie, but, hello Hot Tub Time Machine, how can you be a movie with John Cusack about returning to the eighties and not have any references to Say Anything? Also, it's not really fair to criticize a movie for not being as good as the buzz made it out to be just because the main actor is always good, but Jesse Eisenberg, you were amazing as always in The Social Network, and your amazingness is so consistent that it no longer surprises me, therefore your film left me sort of affect-less. Not your fault, I think it was all the deposition-style exposition, but I think the only thing you can do to surprise your audience at this point would be to deliver a sucky performance. Or to quit acting and become a politician. By the way, when are you going to play Woody Allen in the movie about Woody Allen? Wait, all of Woody Allen's movies are about Woody Allen...

10) Best books: The Replacement for spookiness and one of the best covers ever. Shades of Milk and Honey for being oh-so-clever, Salem Brownstone for originality, and Folly gets the incredibly un-boring historical fiction award. And one of my favorite books of the year was, surprisingly, non-fiction: Packing for Mars by the funny and thorough Mary Roach.

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