Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chilly Reads

When the temperatures dip down, I enjoy reading stories of people much colder than I. Yep, it makes me feel better, maybe even a little warmer. Here are my top three picks.

Ice by Sarah Durst. This modern-day retelling of "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" follows Cassie as she finds out that her grandmother's fairy tales of the Polar Bear King are real and he's come to claim her as his queen.

Peak by Roland Smith. After Peak gets into trouble again, his mountaineering father shows up to keep an eye on him. What Peak finds out is that his father really wants to make him the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. Great detail of mountain climbing, which isn't as glamorous as it may sound.

Shackleton's Stowaway by Victoria McKernan. Based on the true story of the 1914 Antarctic expedition, this fictionalized account weaves the story of an 18-year-old stowaway with the facts of the two-year journey of the crew over sea and ice after their ship is crushed.

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