Friday, August 6, 2010

Library Videos or Why Librarians are Rad

There's been a rash of fabulous viral library videos lately. I say "rash" not because they are annoying and itchy, but because they keep popping up, seem to be spreading and are incredibly catchy. What a gross analogy.

One NPR blogger wrote about this trend, theorizing that libraries are the next cupcake. I'm very happy to let libraries be the next cupcake, as long as we still get to have cupcakes too. Anyway, check out some of these videos and enjoy:

Librarians Go Gaga - Lots of inside jokes about cataloging and information behavior from my alma mater, but still a worthy piece of entertainment. The guy with the banjo used to insist on the correct pronunciation of the word "llama."* And he brought up llamas a LOT.

Library Spice - Then, Brigham Young U did this parody of the Old Spice commercials.

Shirtless Spice - Then, somehow, Mr. Old Spice himself did this commercial for libraries. Awesome.

Who you gonna call - And finally, Improv Everywhere reenacts the opening scene of Ghostbusters in the New York Public Library. I'm just speechless.

So, it's high time we start cranking out a few more videos here at the TPL. That's why, starting in the fall, the Teen Library Council will be writing, directing, producing and starring in short films and book trailers for our very own library. Catch the wave of the new cupcake while you have the chance: Come by the library to pick up a Teen Library Council application!

*It's "ya-ma."

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