Friday, June 25, 2010

A Tentacular Good Time!

130 people toroughly enjoyed our visit with Roland Smith yesterday, and he enjoyed us too:

My favorite moment was when Roland was done speaking and I said folks could have their book signed. Everyone shot up from their seats as if suddenly lit aflame and launched themselves toward poor Roland. I thought he might be trampled. But he's a pro and an all around stand-up guy, so he took it all in stride.

Next up is Spanish Family Movies on Saturday and our Game Sharks Game Fest on Thursday, July 1. Don't miss it. I tested out Beatles Rock Band on the Xbox, and my was it fun. Did you know that I am not only a librarian, I also get to be a game tester on a semi-frequent basis? Mrs. E says, "Don't be a fool! Stay in school."
P.S. Check out the shape of the wrinkles above Mr. T's nose. Wow. How does he do that? If I could do that, I wouldn't have to tell anyone to turn off their cell phones ever again.

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