Thursday, May 13, 2010


Teen and adult Retrogaming is Friday, May 14 from 5-7 in the Technology Room (the computer classroom on the second floor of the library). We'll be playing online emulators of games from way back in the 80s and 90s. A vintage good time will be had by all! The first to make it across the Oregon Trail wins a prize. If you dare to challenge me at Arkanoid II, you will know how it feels to be pwned old-school. I should warn you, I actually owned an Apple II GS.

Can't make it to the program? No problem. I've pasted links to some of the games we'll be playing below:

Virtual Apple- Depending on which game is selected, may need to install a plug-in. Has Oregon Trail and Arkanoid II. Almost every Apple II game ever made!
Virtual Atari- no downloading required, complete with images of classic game cassettes, must hit “Reset” to start games.
Classic Arcade Games- flash games do not require download, includes Mario, Zelda, Tetris, Pong, etc.
Classic Arcade Pack-Includes, Frogger, Pong, Tetris, Pacman and others, requires download, nice looking and sounding games

Star Guard-Requires unzipping and downloading
Hero Core-Requires unzipping and downloading, fun and cheesy story

Spelunky-Requires unzip and download. Nice tutorial to introduce controls.

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