Thursday, April 1, 2010

The new edition of Scratched is here!

Come by the library to pick up your copy of the spring issue of Scratched, our zine created by teens, for teens. This issue features lots of original art, writing and tips for a peaceful planet. You can find the zine in the Young Adult Room on the shelf above the music CDs. You will not want to miss the "10 Things You Will Probably Never Have on a To-do List" list. Hmm a NOT to-do list...Let's see:

1) Teach your grandmother to suck eggs
2) Martinize your shorts
3) ...Got suggestions for the list? Then comment on this blog post.

* The image above depicts Stimpson J. Cat of Ren and Stimpy, one of the best cartoons ever (which I just flagrantly plagiarized), drawn and created by John Kricfalusi.

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