Friday, January 8, 2010

2009's Most Awsomest

Now that we're several days into the decade and I'm starting to get used to writing "10" instead of "09" on my various correspondence, it's time to reflect back on the last year of the oughts and decide on the best of the bestest, as well as the worst of the worstest. These are my opinions, please do share yours!

Most Awesome Trend: Zombies! OK, I know this has been going on for a while, but zombies really invaded this year, bringing with them books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and films like Zombieland. The zombie horror comedy wins the best new genre award, as far as I'm concerned. So take that, Supernatural Romance.

Most Heinous Trend (Shut up. I was partially raised by Bill and Ted. You know, before Keanu Reeves started wearing black leather trench coats.): The Diary of a Wimpy Kid doppelgangers. I didn't notice this until this year, but there are several DOWK look-alike series, which may be the best books in the world but the fact that they are so clearly ripping off Jeff Kinney totally disqualifies them from the readable category in my mind and makes me lose my faith in human creativity.

Best Library Moment: There's really too many to choose from. The best zombie contest at the Zombie Tea Party. The dance performance at the Teen Talent Show. All the times I led patrons to the bestseller shelf to find something that had 680 holds on it. The Gathering of the Ages. The impromptu jerking dance-off in the teen room. One teen's reaction every time I used the word "imprint" during the werewolf party. (She squeaked.)

Worst Library Moment: The ceiling leak above adult music.

Best Book: If I Stay for emotional response, Going Bovine for laughter and tears, and Love is the Higher Law for overall brilliance.

Best Youtube Video: Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody. The. Best. Ever. Freddy Mercury, I wish you were still around to see this:

Most Awesome Fashion Statement: I saw a teen wearing an old-school Pearl Jam t-shirt today, except it was brand new. Which means he just bought it. Which means Pearl Jam is cool again and my musical tastes are suddenly relevant. That rules.

Most Heinous Fashion Trend: I don't mean to be judgmental here, but somebody's going to have to explain to me the skinny jeans with the saggy butts.

Best Movie: Never want to see it again, but District 9 rocked.

Most Disappointing Movie: The Hangover. Dude, where's my funny?

Most Awe-inspiring Spectacle: My birthday present from my brother-in-law. Don't ask. Just, don't.

Favorite New Punctuation: The. Periods. Between. Each. Word. For. Emphasis.

Worst Term Bloggers Have Started Using: "After the jump." Ugh.

Best Twilight Inspired Language: Fursplosion. Twihard. Sparkle Motion.

Worst Twilight Inspire Language: Team so-and-so.

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