Monday, August 24, 2009

Know-It-All Fairy

Charlie, 14 years old, has a parking fairy. Yep, she can't drive, but if she could she'd always get the best parking places. Charlie lives in a world where everyone has a fairy, from helpful ones (good hair fairies) to ridiculous ones (always-playing-your-favorite music fairies) to bizarre ones (all-the-boys-your-age-will-fall-in-helplessly-in-love-with-you fairies).

She just wants a new one, so she's been starving her fairy by not letting it help her, which means walking everywhere. Unfortunately, the school bully has other ideas and wants her to help him park. The new super-cute boy doesn't believe in fairies even though he has a getting-out-of-trouble fairy.

Fantastic characters, funny dialogue (check out the glossary in the back) and great twists make How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier a top pick.

If you had a fairy, what do you wish it was? Comment with your answer!


Anna, Youth Services Librarian said...

I'm thinking either an always the right outfit fairy or always the perfect meal fairy, but I'd settle for an exact change fairy.

Lisa, Young Adult Librarian said...

I'd go for a the-book-you-want-is-always-in fairy, or a finding-things fairy, or the-dropped-object-never-lands-on-your-toe fairy.



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