Sunday, June 28, 2009

Girl vs. Evil

Okay, so when it came to reading a Rosemary Clement-Moore book, it was kind of like my reading E. Lockhart. I hear how great they are, but for some wacky reason I didn't get around to reading one of their books. Last year, I read my first E. Lockhart book and boy, did I wish I had picked it up sooner. I heart E. Lockhart. So, point is, I should have learned my lesson.

This weekend I picked up Rosemary's Highway to Hell, part of the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil series. Wow! So good! Any book that references Dr. Who and Red Dwarf is just pretty awesome.

Maggie and her best friend D&D Lisa are heading to the Texas beach for spring break. Just for the record, they are not spring break kinda people. Driving through the night, they spot what they think are headlights up ahead and then promptly run over a very large and very dead cow in the road. One other bit of info, Maggie is psychic and Lisa is a sorceress and there is some definite weird mojo going on in the small town of Dulcina. Add a lot more animal attacks, a strange, wealthy family that owns most of the county, freaky dreams, and the possibility of a demon on the loose, and you've got one great story!

Don't miss the rest of the series Prom Dates from Hell and Hell Week.

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