Friday, April 17, 2009

Explosive Literature

I recently finished two very different books, both featuring explosives, both great reads.

Set in 1980s Ireland, Bog Child by Siobham Dowd is an amazing story of Fergus, struggling to find his identity amid "The Troubles." With bombs and attacks happening all around him, Fergus wants nothing more than to go away to school. A discovery of a petrified body in the nearby bogs invades his life and his dreams. Great mystery, great drama, great insight into another time and place.

Frankie is one of The Brothers Torres, a quiet sophomore who loves setting off explosives with his one-eyed buddy Zach. Meanwhile his soccer-star brother has been hanging out with a rough crowd. Frankie just wants to ask out his crush to homecoming. When his older brother's rival (and also the richest kid in town) makes his move first, Frankie's world gets a little more confusing. Loyalty, jealousy, and love, along with a few fireworks, make this an intense read by Coert Voorhees.

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