Sunday, March 1, 2009

Secrets Can Be Deadly

Camelia is described as an old lady by her friends. She has a job making pottery at a local store (with a super cute boss), does her homework, and doesn't draw attention to herself. Suddenly though, Camelia has more attention than she'd like...from a stalker. Mysterious notes, pictures in her mailbox, and the creepy but cute new guy at her school leave Camelia more confused every day.
It all started at the end of school last year, when Camelia was almost run over in the school parking lot but pushed out of the way by a mysterious stranger. This stranger, Ben, turns up at her school, along with rumors that he murdered his girlfriend.

What's the truth? Will Camelia figure it out before it's too late? Haunting, scary, with just a little romance, Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Stolarz is quick read. For fans of the Twilight series, the Wicked Lovely series, and A Great and Terrible Beauty.

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