Friday, January 30, 2009

Oregon Reads in Tigard 2009!

February 3rd marks the one year anniversary of my arrival at the Tigard Public Library to be your librarian. I’ve learned many interesting things this year. I’ve learned that DDR is fun though challenging for the uncoordinated, vampires make creepily protective boyfriends, Sweeny Todd’s audience has extended to middle schools, Tigardites are voracious readers and last, though certainly not least, I’ve learned how to pronounce the word “sesquicentennial” (ses-qui-sent-en-neal). Why, you may ask? Well my inquisitive friends, this year marks the 150th anniversary of Oregon’s statehood, and the Library is celebrating this sesquicentennial (see, it’s fun to use in a sentence, too) with special activities for folk of all ages. Most notable for you teen types, there is a special BookTRON meeting on Thursday, February 5th from 4:30-6:00 in the Community Room. Bat 6 is the book of the month, but all are invited, whether you have read the book or not, to come and participate in an indoor Very Softball Game. For the writing group on February 11th, Anna will guide you through some Japanese forms of poetry and introduce you to the work of Lawson Inada, Poet Laureate of Oregon. On February 19th, Lawson will be visiting Tigard High as well as the library for writing workshops and readings. Lawson’s the best! You won’t want to miss this. You also won’t want to miss the Love Bytes Game Fest on Friday, February 13, featuring Boy vs. Girl competitions, love song playlists and valentines.

There’s lots of other stuff going on in addition to all this fabulousness, Click here to learn more about what’s happening at the Tigard Library, and here to learn what’s happening county-wide.

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