Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Magazines at the TPL

Guess what! We have ordered subscriptions for FIVE new Young Adult magazines! Most of them have already arrived and are on the shelf waiting for your perusal. They are:

LàTeen Magazine: Entertainment, arts and living for Latino teenagers. Check out the magazines Myspace page.

Teen Vogue magazine: Unfortunately, Cosmo Girl is no longer with us, but Teen Vogue should fill in as a fashion and lifestyle magazine just for you. It will appear on our shelves in March or April. And this magazine has a Myspace page, as well.

New York Time's Upfront is a news magazine for young people.

Shojo Beat has manga and anime news, as well as serialized manga that has not yet been published in book form in the US. It focuses on romantic manga stories.

Shonen Jump also has anime and manga news, as well as serialized manga. It focuses on more action-y stories.

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