Monday, December 1, 2008

Graceling - Killer Talent

In a land of seven kingdoms, those whose eyes change to two different colors are "graced." For some, this means a talent like baking, swimming, or predicting the weather. For Katsa, it means that with her incredible strength and speed she has a killing grace. When her talent is discovered (at eight years of age, she protects herself and accidently kills an older cousin), her uncle, the king of one of the kingdoms, sees the opportunity for an assassin. Katsa is sent to the far reaches of King Randa's kingdom to teach the greedy and insubordant a lesson by chopping off a few fingers or breaking a few bones.

Now an older teenager, Katsa has grown tired of the killing and seeks a more fulfilling life. She forms a group, known as the Council, to protect those who need protecting and to act in the best interest of all inhabitants of the kingdoms.

Katsa's life becomes complicated, however, with a mysterious kidnapping, a gorgeous and graced fighter, and rumors of strange happenings in the kingdom of Monsea.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore is a great combination of fantasy, adventure and a little romance. This debut novel had me staying up late to read what happened next to the characters that I had grown to know. This book had a lot of hype (super reviews months before it was released) which had me nervous that it wouldn't live up to expectations. Well worth the hype! Check out the author's blog for more info.

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