Sunday, September 7, 2008

Find the 39 Clues

Attention all ye Lightening Thief fans: Local author Rick Riordan has written the first in a new series of books. Here's the publisher's description: What would happen if you discovered that your family was one of the most powerful in human history? What if you were told that the source of the family's power was hidden around the world, in the form of 39 Clues? What if you were given a choice, take a million dollars and walk away, or get the first Clue? If you're Amy and Dan Cahill, you take the Clue, and begin a very dangerous race. Join Amy and Dan as they begin their hunt for the 39 Clues in Book 1: Maze of Bones, written by New York Times best-selling author Rick Riordan. The high-octane adventures accelerate in Book 2: One False Note, by Gordon Korman, and continue for a total of ten exhilarating books written by well-known authors.

The best part is, you can take an active role in your reading. There's on online game, and a set of playing/trading cards that go with this adventure series! Find out more or play the game here:

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