Friday, August 8, 2008

Nostalgia starts earlier and earlier these days...

The above picture is from a book made by comix artist John Martz ( called Excelsior 1968. He took his mothers' high school yearbook and turned every face in it into a cartoon! Awesome...

Speaking of yearbooks...Perhaps as the summer rolls lazily along you're beginning to think about school and the legacy you will leave behind as students. Perhaps you are starting at new schools and would like to know a little about their history. Perhaps not. If not, stop reading now. The rest of you, read on.

I have just discovered that the Local History Room at our very own library has quite the collection of old yearbooks from local schools. There are Fowler Middle School books going back to 1957, and Tigard High books all the way back to 1930! If you'd like to see how teens did their hair in the 1940's, or, even better, the eighties (ugh), come by the local history room during its open hours (Wednesday from 10-12 and Thursday from 1-3) to peruse old photos of your academic ancestors.

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