Sunday, June 22, 2008

Non Fiction Round Up

With school not in session, here are a few new non fiction titles for your reading list. I promise, not a textbook among them!

map: satellite by Philip Eales (912 EAL). More than an atlas, this guide brings you aeral views of New Orleans after the devasting floods from Hurricane Katrina, Niagra Falls, the world at night and other breathtaking views from around the world.

Street Scene: How to Draw Graffiti-style by John Lee (741.2 LEE). With inspiration from manga and graffiti artists, the book delivers the how-to on creating characters, giving them a style, and developing a background. Take your drawing to the next level with this creative title.

Voices of Protest: Documents of Courage and Dissent edited by Frank Lowerstein, Sheryl Lechner, and Erik Bruun (322.4 VOI). What does it mean to disagree? Throughout history people have spoken out about things that are very important to them. Martin Luther King, Jr. Gandhi. Muhammad Ali. Socrates. More than 250 of these documents of protest have been collected in this powerful book.

Microcosmos by Brandon Broll (502.82 BRU). This collection of images from The Science Photo Library is astounding. From the gross (tongue bacteria magnified 23000X) to the fascinating (butterfly scales magnified 585X), explore the world in magnificent detail.

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