Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LP's Popular Again!

All you music fans out there may like to know that due to a fortuitous faux pas, some Fred Meyers' in Oregon are now selling LPs. In fact, sales of LPs in general have been on the rise, adding more consumers to their die-hard fans. LPs are often thought to have more presence than CDs or MP3s, better sound, and, of course, you can spin them better than any CD. I like listening to them and hearing the tiny, beautiful flaws in the music that digital recordings erase. I also feel I've made much more of an accomplishment when I find a classic album on LP rather than some digital re-issue. Many of your favorite artists release albums on LP, and when you listen to them in this format, you get the experience of an entire, carefully constructed album rather than just singles. I love my iPod, but this @#&% thing breaks much more reliably than my turntable, which will play and play, at least it will as soon as I find a new needle. Read this article if you want to know more: http://www.miamiherald.com/business/AP/story/563702.html



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