Monday, July 30, 2007

What's New to Read at TPL?

Check out the Latest Manga & Graphic Novels for Teens

Hamlet (Manga Shakespeare) (Y GRAPHIC SHAKESPEARE) adapted by Richard Appignanesi; Illustrated by Emma Vieceli
A manga-like adaptation of a very old classic. You’ll look at Shakespeare in a whole new way.

Kitchen Princess [art by] Natsumi Ando; story by Miyuki Kobayashi (Y GRAPHIC KOBAYA)
Najika is a gifted cook and attends the prestigious Seika Academy cooking school. Her friendship with two brothers, Sora and Daichi, creates resentment with other girls at the school. Her greatest rival is a popular, teen model, Akane who tries to drive Najika from the school by staging a cooking contest.

Iron West by Doug TenNapel (Y GRAPHIC TENNAP)
Preston Struck is an incompetent outlaw with a heart of fool's gold. He discovers an army of metal men bent on destroying central California. While Struck avoids any form of heroism, he gets a little help from a magical old shaman and his sidekick Sasquatch

Avril Lavigne’s Make 5 Wishes by Camilla D’Errico & Joshua Dysart (Y GRAPHIC D’ERRI)
Hana just doesn’t fit in. At school, she feels like the invisible girl. One night she runs across a mysterious website called Before she knows it, she’s ordered a package guaranteed to make dreams come true. Or will it?

Gravitation Ex by Maki Murakami (Y GRAPHIC MURAKA)
order to heal the wounds in his heart, Eiri Yuki and his vocalist lover, Shuichi, travel to New York to visit the grave of Yuki's first love and tormentor, Yuki Kitagawa. But once there, they make a startling discovery that will change their lives...forever!

W Juliet by Emura (Y GRAPHIC EMURA)
Sixteen-year-old tomboy Ito Miura is going to be Romeo in the school production of "Romeo and Juliet.' The cute new student, Makoto Amano, has been chosen to play Juliet. As they become friends, Ito discovers that Makoto has a secret that will ruin Makoto's life if anyone ever finds out what it is.

Grand Theft Galaxy by Tricia Riley Hale (Y GRAPHIC HALE)
On her 18th birthday, Samantha finds out that her parents are intergalactic thieves. After discovering her familys true origin, she is whisked away to escape the galactic law enforcers who intend to blow up the Earth.

MaBuRaHo by Toshihiko Tsukiji (Y GRAPHIC TSUKIJI)
17-year-old Kazuki Shikimori is an average student, but that doesn't stop the female population of Aoi Academy from vying for his attention! His impeccable DNA will start a teenage war of lovesick girls!

To Terra by Keiko Takemiya (Y GRAPHIC TAKEMIYA)
Having driven Terra to the brink of environmental collapse, humanity decides to reform itself by ushering in the age of Superior Domination (S.D.), a system of social control in which children are no longer the offspring of parents but progeny of a universal computer. The new social order, however, results in an unexpected byproduct: the Mu, a mutant race with extrasensory powers who are forced in exile by The System.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's New to Read at TPL?

Fabulous New Fiction for Teens

Letters from the Corrugated Castle: A Novel of Gold Rush California, 1850-1852 by Joan W. Blos (Y BLOS)
A series of letters and newspaper articles reveals life in California in the 1850s, especially for thirteen-year-old Eldora, who was raised in Massachusetts as an orphan only to meet her influential mother in San Francisco, and Luke, who hopes to find a fortune in gold.

Strays by Ron Koertge (Y KOERTGE)
16-year-old Ted, an orphan, is unhappy with his foster family and his new high school. "A teenager's link to animals gives way to human connection"-publisher's description.

The Secret Life of It Girls by Dakota Lane (Y LANE)
A series of vignettes in which high school girls in a clique thresh out everything from teenage pregnancy and indiscretions on the Internet to the correct procedure for failing a Spanish exam.

Boot Camp by Todd Strasser (Y STRASSER)
After ignoring several warnings to stop dating his teacher, Garrett is sent to Lake Harmony, a boot camp that uses unorthodox and brutal methods to train students to obey their parents.

Goddess Games by Niki Burnham (Y BURNHAM)
Three high school girls from very different social backgrounds deal with their problems and learn how to get along together while working at a mountain resort for the summer.

So Super Stylish by Rose Wilkins (Y WILKINS)
Sixteen-year-old Octavia Clairbrook-Cleeve is trying to maintain a low profile at her new public school, but with her actress-mother's new romance in all the tabloids, Octavia's life is just too complicated.

Crazy Hot by Melissa de la Cruz (Y DE LA CRUZ)
In the latest book in the Au Pairs series, three best friends--Eliza, Jacqui, and Mara--are another year older and back to rule the Hamptons . . . but that doesn't mean that this summer will be any less scandalous.

Sea of Shadow [The twelve kingdoms, Volume 1] by Fuyumi Ono (Y ONO)
Except for her red hair, Yoko Nakajima is a typical, obedient Japanese high school student. Her life is fairly ordinary--that is, until Keiki, a unicorn in the guise of a young blond-haired boy, tells her that she is his master and must return to their kingdom.

The Light-Bearer’s Daughter by O.R. Melling (Y MELLING)
In exchange for the granting of her heart's desire, twelve-year-old Dana agrees to make an arduous journey to Lugnaquillia through the land of Faerie in order to warn King Lugh, second in command to the High King, that an evil destroyer has entered the Mountain Kingdom.

Huge by Sasha Paley (Y PALEY)
When Wilhelmina and April find themselves roommates at a fat camp, both with very different goals, they find they have very little in common until they are both humiliated by the same person.

Grace Above All by Jane St. Anthony (ST ANTHONY)
When thirteen-year-old Grace, her mother, and four siblings go to her mother's childhood cabin by a lake over the summer, as usual Grace is in charge of all the kids while her mother does nothing, but after meeting some relatives Grace becomes a bit more understanding, and learns to stand up for herself.

Daemon Hall by Andrew Nance (Y NANCE)
Famous horror story writer R. U. Tremblin comes to the town of Maplewood to hold a short story writing contest, offering the five finalists the chance to spend what turns out to be a terrifying--and deadly--night with him in a haunted house.

Duchessina: A Novel of Catherine de’ Medici by Carolyn Meyer (Y MEYER)
While her tyrannical family is out of favor in Italy, young Catherine de Medici is raised in convents, then in 1533, when she is fourteen, her uncle, Pope Clement VII, arranges for her marriage to prince Henri of France, who is destined to become king.

Beyond the Billboard by Susan Gates (Y GATES)
Firebird and her twin brother Ford have always accepted their father's isolated way of life and secluded home in the middle of a desolate swamp until the discovery of old family secrets changes everything.

Runner by Robert Newton (Y NEWTON)
In Richmond, Australia, in 1919, fifteen-year-old Charlie Feehan becomes an errand boy for a notorious mobster, hoping that his ability to run will help him, his widowed mother, and his baby brother to escape poverty.

Ethan, Suspended by Pamela Ehrenberg (Y EHRENBERG)
After a school suspendsion and his parents' separation, Ethan is sent to live with his grandparents in Washington, D.C., which is worlds apart from his home in a Philadelphia suburb.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What's New to Read at TPL?

New Books

Tips on Having a Gay Ex-Boyfriend by Carrie Jones (Y JONES)
Belle is a high school junior who expects to marry her long-term boyfriend one day, until he tells her and their entire small Maine town that he is gay, and both face prejudice and violence even as they enter new relationships and try to remain friends.

Dramarama by E. Lockhart (Y LOCKHART)
Spending their summer at Wildewood Academy, an elite boarding school for the performing arts, tests the bond between teens Sadye and her best friend Demi.

Red Moon at Sharpsburg by Rosemary Wells (Y WELLS)
As the Civil War breaks out, India, a young Southern girl, summons her sharp intelligence and the courage she didn't know she had to survive the war that threatens to destroy her family, her Virginia home, and the only life she has ever known.

Swift Pure Cry by Siobhan David (Y DAVID)
Coolbar, Ireland, is a village of secrets and Shell, caretaker to her younger brother and sister after the death of their mother and with the absence of their father, is not about to reveal hers until suspicion falls on the wrong person.

Nobody’s Princess by Esther Friesner (Y FRIESNER)
Determined to fend for herself in a world where only men have real freedom, headstrong Helen, who will be called queen of Sparta and Helen of Troy one day, learns to fight, hunt, and ride horses while disguised as a boy, and goes on an adventure throughout the Mediterranean world.

The Invisible by Mats Wahl (Y WAHL)
A Swedish teenager is assaulted and killed, but returns as a ghost to find his killer.

Stray by Stacy Goldblatt (Y GOLDBLATT)
Natalie's mother, a veterinarian with a dogs-only practice, has the sixteen-year-old on such a short leash that, when the teenaged son of her old school friend comes to stay with them for the summer, Natalie is tempted to break her mother's rules and follow her own instincts for a change.

Blue Moon by Hila Feil (Y FEIL)
Working on Cape Cod as an au pair, Julia and her young charge, Mollie, sense the mysterious presence of Mollie's mother who died years ago.

The Breakup Bible by Melissa Kantor
Jennifer thinks she and Max are the perfect couple, until he decides he just wants to be friends.

Beauty Shop for Rent…Fully Equipped, Inquire Within by Laura Bowers
Raised by a great-grandmother and a bunch of beauty shop buddies, fourteen-year-old Abbey resolves to overcome her unhappy childhood and disillusionment with the mother who deserted her.

The Decoding of Lana Morris by Laura & Tom McNeal
For sixteen-year-old Lana life is often difficult, with a flirtatious foster father, an ice queen foster mother, a houseful of special needs children to care for, and bullies harrassing her, until the day she ventures into an antique shop and buys a drawing set that may change her life.

Stuck in the 70's by D.L. Garfinkle
A spoiled, rich, seventeen-year-old girl is mysteriously transported from 2006 Los Angeles back to 1978, where she meets Tyler, a super-smart high school senior who promises to help her return to 2006 if she will give him some lessons on how to be popular.

The Off Season by Catherine Murdock
In the new sequel “Dairy Queen,” high school junior D.J. staggers under the weight of caring for her badly injured brother, her responsibilities on the dairy farm, a changing relationship with her friend Brian, and her own athletic aspirations.

New Manga Series

Skip Beat by Yoshiki Nakamura
Kyoko followed her true love, Sho, to Tokyo and supported him while he made it big as an idol. Now, he says she means nothing to him, so Kyoko sets out to become even bigger than Sho, but finds that her bitter heart may be her undoing.

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