Thursday, May 31, 2007

Did You Know?

Check out our 2nd Annual Tigard Public Library "Rock the Poem"
Teen Poetry Contest Winners!

Middle School Division Winners

  • Anna Vogt, Grade 6 won 1st Placbe for “Bubble Gum Bangs”
  • Hannah Dailey, Grade 6 won 2nd Place for “Gone Forever”

High School Division Winners

  • Melody Young, Grade 12, won 1st Place for “Icarus’ Essence”
  • Justin Karr, Grade 12, won 2nd Place for “Eastern Sunset”

The Gossip Girl Series is Coming to Television!
For those of you who enjoye Cecily Von Ziegesar’s very popular Gossip Girl books about the world of privileged teenagers attending elite private schools in New York City, you’re in luck. The books are being made into a new television series, which will premier June 1, 2007 on The CW. Stay up to date on the latest Gossip at

Social Networking Online is where it’s at for Teens
According to a new national survey of teenagers conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, more than half (55%) of all online American youths ages 12-17 use online social networking sites to connect with others. Find out more interesting facts about this study of your peers at

The Young Adult Library Association has selected the final list of 2006 Top 10 Best Books for Young Adults. Check ‘em out!

  • Come Back to Afghanistan: A California Teenager's Story by Said Hyder Akbar and Susan Burton (Y 958.1047 AKB)
  • Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
  • Upstate by Kalisha Buckhanon (Buckhanon, K)
  • Looking for Alaska by John Green (Y GREEN)
  • Inexcusable by Chris Lynch (Y LYNCH)
  • Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (Y MEYER)
  • Runaways by Brian K Vaughan (Y VAUGNAN)
  • Peeps by Scott Westerfeld (Y WESTERFELD)
  • Poison by Chris Wooding (Y WOODING)
  • I Am the Messenger by Marcus Zusak (Y ZUSAK)
You can place a hold on any of these titles at

Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's New to Read at TPL?

Fascinating Fiction

Tyrell by Coe Booth, 2007 (Y BOOTH)
Fifteen-year-old Tyrell, who is living in a Bronx homeless shelter with his spaced-out mother and his younger brother, tries to avoid temptation so he does not end up in jail like his father.

Nightsong: The Legend of Orpheus and Eurydice by Michael Cadnum, 2007 (Y CADNUM)
Orpheus, a young poet and musician undertakes a terrifying journey to ask the rulers of the Underworld to return the princess Euridice, his beloved bride, after she is killed by a venomous serpent.

Glint by Ann Coburn, 2005 (Y COBURN)
While fifteen-year-old Ellie tries to find her missing eleven-year-old brother, Danny, in alternating chapters Danny dreams of a parallel quest in a fantasy world of dragons and shapeshifters that he and Ellie knew as children.

Silent Echoes by Carlo Jablonski, 2007 (Y JABLONSKI)
When sixteen-year-old Lindsay hears the voice of a girl from nineteenth century New York in her head, she thinks she may be going crazy, while Lucy, the nineteenth-century con artist whose voice Lindsay hears, thinks she might truly be a spiritual medium after all.

The Game by Diana Wynne Jones, 2007 (Y JONES)
Sent to a boisterous family gathering in Ireland by her overly strict grandmother, orphaned Hayley feels out of place until her unruly cousins include her in a special game involving travel through the mythosphere, the place where all the world's stories can be found, and where some secrets of her past are revealed.

The Faerie Path by Fewin Jones, 2007 (Y JONES)
Anita, an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl, is transported from modern-day London to the realm of Faerie where she discovers that she is Princess Tania, the long-lost daughter of King Oberon and Queen Titania.

Cures for Heartbreak by Margo Rabb, 2007 (Y RABB)
As she navigates adolescence, ninth-grader Mia must deal with her mother's recent death and her father's illness while she searches for friendship and love in the world around her.

Harmless by Dana Reinhardt, 2007 (Y REINHARDT)
When Anna, Emma, and Mariah concoct a story about why they are late getting home one Friday night, their lie has unimaginable consequences for the girls, their families, and the community.

New Manga

Guru Guru Pon-Chan by Satomi Ikezawa (Y GRAPHIC IKEZAWA)
Ponta, a lovable dog, is transformed into an attractive young woman after swallowing a new invention, The Chit-Chat Bone. She nevertheless continues to act like a dog, jumping on her friends and eating from her lunchmates' bowls.

Samurai Deeper Kyo by Akimine Kamijyo (Y GRAPHIC KAMIJYO)
In the year 1604 A.D. four years after a devastating civil war, Yuya Shiina earns a living by hunting outlaws. When she captures Mibu Kyoshiro for a small bounty, she has no idea about the dark secret he carries within.

Galaxy Angel II by Kanan (Y GRAPHIC KANAN)
Milfeulle, Mint, Ranpha, Forte, and Vanilla are beautiful and talented pilots of their Emblem Frame, each possessing special gifts, making them ideal protectors for Prince Shiva.

Off*beat by Jen Lee Quick (Y GRAPHIC QUICK)
Christopher "Tory" Blake, a high school student living in Queens seems like a regular teenager, but for some unknown reason he's developed a fascination with the boy who recently moved in across the street, Colin Stephens.

Lagoon Engine by Yukiru Sugisaki (Y GRAPHIC SUGISA)
Yen and his little brother Jin are undergoing training to join the family business as Gakushi, people who take care of ghosts and evil spirits. The boys get orders from their father and must interpret clues in order to complete their mission.

Disgaea by Arashi Shindo (Y GRAPHIC SHINDO)
Prince Laharl wakes up from a two-year nap only to find his father dead and the Overlord's throne ripe for the taking.

Threads of Time by Mi Young Noh (Y GRAPHIC NOH)
The most frightening thing about Moon Bin Kim's nightmare is that he doesn't appear to be dreaming--this high school student in the 21st century lives a parallel life in the 13th century as the son of a prominent warrior family!

Godchild by Kaori Yuki (Y GRAPHIC YUKI)
Deep in the heart of 19th century London, Cain, a young nobleman, investigates the mysterious crimes that seem to follow him wherever he goes.

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